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Why list with us?

Knowledge, Passion and Experience in the Winter Park and Orlando area.

Market Value: Pricing your home is very important. We will determine a list price through a Comparative Market Analysis; a report showing the most recent sales activity in a small radius of comparable properties.

Marketing: Effective marketing will help ensure that your home is sold in a timely manner at the best price.

Buyer Checklist

Budget – Determine what you want to spend. Factor in cost of the down payment & closing costs.

Down payments can range from 3.5% to 20% or more of purchase price and closing costs can range from 2.5% to 5% of your final loan amount.

Identify your timeline for moving & explore different neighborhoods to identify your preferred needs such as location, space, amenities ,schools,  features, restrictions, etc…

Purchasing Process

Cash or Financing?

If you are financing, you must 1st seek pre-qualification for a mortgage: It's helpful to know what you are comfortable spending. A pre-qualification will require your credit to be pulled and to share details about your income and assets for a Mortgage Loan Originator can determine how much you can qualify for and provide you with a pre-qualification letter with preliminary terms of specific loan programs (FHA, Conventional, VA, Jumbo, etc…)

If you are a CASH buyer, you are required to provide a Proof of Funds to show you have enough liquid assets to purchase without obtaining a mortgage.

Finding a property: Searching for a property is much easier today. Now you have the ability to view homes online and see virtual tours.  Once you find a property, it takes 45-60 days to close obtain a loan.  Start going to viewing properties with your agent at

Make an offer on a Property and Negotiate Terms: This is where we will determine price, terms, and certain contingencies such as inspections, financing, appraisal, HOA etc…

Execute a Contract and Escrow Deposit:  Once the contract has been executed, buyer makes an escrow deposit depending on the agreed upon term in the contract. The deposit amount can range from $500 to 20% down for deposit. All Escrow Deposit Funds are held by the Real Estate Company, Title Company, Escrow Company, or an Attorney. Escrow funds are applied towards the closing on the designated closing date.

Apply for a Mortgage: Typical time frame 3 to 4 weeks. Mortgage Loan Applications cannot be processed without a fully executed purchase contract and the following:

Wager Earner – 2 years most recent 1040 tax returns & W2’s, 2 most recent paystubs, 2 most recent bank statements.

Self-Employed – 2 years most recent 1040 tax returns & 1099 statements if applicable, 2 most recent corporate tax returns 1120’s or 1065’s if applicable, 2 most recent bank statements.

Mortgage Commitment Letter from Lender: The lender will have specific conditions that must be met before they will finance your purchase.  Once you and your mortgage loan officer have satisfied these conditions we are issued a CLEAR-TO-CLOSE!

Closing: Typically the closing date will already be agreed upon on the purchase contract but there are instances that allow for a buyer to close prior to the agreed upon closing date or extend the closing date if necessary.